Underwood vs Specter

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Frank Underwood of House of Cards vs Harvey Specter of Suits.


Who is the man?

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How to get a girl who doesn’t like you

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What I am about to share with you is a secret that should only remain and be discussed among men. Do not let your girlfriend, your sister, your mother, your daughter,  your grandmother or any feminine-like creature know about it. It will be a big blow, a disgrace and complete betrayal to Manhood for  such creatures to know our secret which has become our golden principle from the days of Adam till now.

It can be very frustrating  and heart-quaking if the girl you like and want to be with for the rest of your earthly life and perhaps beyond, doesn’t like you back – what is normally referred to as unrequited love. Sometimes you do all that is within your might to get her to like you but she still doesn’t seem to notice you. If you are in this boat, guess what, a lot of people are too. I used to be in that position until I found the light.  And I am going to get you to see that light today.

The first thing to do when you’re trying to get a girl who doesn’t like you to like you back is to ignore and forget about her. Yes! that is right. It isn’t a typo. Why would you keep pining for a girl who gives no attention to your existence in the world, with the hope that you will someday get her to assist you to mess up the marital sheets.

If you keep chasing her like a dog,  you’re telling yourself that  there is no other person in the universe you’d rather spend time with but her. It means you are incomplete without her. This is very bad for your self-image and mental health as a gentleman. It is a sign of neediness and low self-worth. You are not a half human being. Have some self-respect man! The first person to fall in love with is yourself.

Even the Holy bible says it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’(Mark 12:31).  

If you don’t like yourself, it is difficult to get someone to like you. Behave as if you don’t need them. I’m not asking you to pretend but try to have a life of your own. Girls like guys who are confident of themselves and also have passion for something they love such as reading, sports or programming. You can’t be always snooping around and calling or texting her everyday like you get nothing going on, if you really want someone on your level to like you.

Whether you like it or not, there are some people who will never like you back no matter how much you try to worship them. So if you’re crucifying yourself for her and she still treats you like a piece of junk, just walk away. If she doesn’t like you, that’s her problem not yours.You’re probably too awesome for her. Besides there are tons of other beautiful girls you might like who are ready to hook up with you. Don’t be shallow-minded and get fixated on just one snobbish girl when your gorgeous  Angelina Jollie is waiting for you next door.

Even if you she is the only one badass you would like to have and to hold for the rest of your life you still have to ignore her. Yes! When a lady sees that you’re unavailable and have your own thing going on she seems to feel attracted to you naturally. And that will work to your advantage, right?.  But if you’re always hanging around and keep acting like an incomplete piece of man, girls will never label you as a cool guy. Never!

I once had a friend who is a girl and I started developing feelings for her but I didn’t know how to approach her because we had been friends for long time and didn’t  ever envisage us dating. So I stopped communicating with her for some time and one day she called and started telling me how much she missed me and all that cute girlie talk… you know. And that was how things started moving from casual to the next level.

So instead of crying in your closets and being pathetic because of just a girl, commit to being a better version of yourself; more confident, physically healthy, intelligent and  financially stable  smart-ass. And before you know it, girls will be attracted to you like Brad Pitt, and you won’t even  have a room large enough to keep them.


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Day 1 – 40

1. “Obedience is the only thing God has ever required of man”_ -Dr Mike Murdock
(John 14:15, John 15:14)

2. ” Instant obedience is the seed for instant favour ” -Dr Mike Murdock

3. “Your reaction to the word of God is a picture of your respect for God” – Dr Mike Murdock

4. “The price God is willing to pay for you reveals the worth of the product he saw” – Dr Mike Murdock.

5. “I believe that when you get involved with God, He gets involved with you. I am one of the ministers of the gospel who believe the words of Jesus. I believe every word he said. -Dr Mike Murdock

6.” Each act of obedience shortens the distance to any miracle you are pursuing” – Dr Mike Murdock

7. All men fall, the great ones get back up – Dr Mike Murdock

8. “God will never advance new instructions beyond your last act of disobedience” – Dr Mike Murdock

9. “You cannot always prevent a tragedy from occurring around you but you can always prevent one from occurring within you” -Dr Mike Murdock

10. ” When you ignore God, you schedule a tragedy” – Dr Mike Murdock

11. “Never make a permanent decision because of a momentary desire” -Dr Mike Murdock

12. “Every friendship makes deposits or withdrawals, corrects or corrupts, is divine or demonic.”-Dr Mike Murdock

13. ” An abortion is a satanic strategy to stop the entrance of an unborn champion into a generation” -Dr Mike Murdock

14. “Poverty is the consequence of broken laws ” (cf Prov 13:18 KJV) -Dr Mike Murdock

15. “Disobedience is always more costly than obedience” -Dr Mike Murdock

16. “God’s only pain is to be doubted, God’s only pleasure is to be believed ” – Dr Mike Murdock

17. “Whatever you sow is your seed, whatever you keep is your harvest”​ – Dr Mike Murdock

18. “Obedience is the seed for promotion” -Dr Mike Murdock

19. “Struggle is the proof that you have not yet been conquered” -Dr Mike Murdock

20. “The longevity of every relationship is determined by the willingness to forgive ” – Dr Mike Murdock

21. “Faith is the only voice God respects” -Dr Mike Murdock

22.”Those who sin with you will eventually sin against you” – Dr Mike Murdock

23. “Evil always enters smiling” -Dr Mike Murdock

24. “If you let go of what is in your hands, God will let go of what is in his hands” -Dr Mike Murdock

25. ” You will only be remembered in life for two things; the problems you create and the problems you solve ” – Dr Mike Murdock

26. ” There are times that it feels like God is playing hide and seek with me, but I still trust him” -Paula White

27. “Be yourself, everyone else is already take” -Mike Robbin

28.”Crisis always occurs at the curve of change ” – Dr Mike Murdock

29.”The size of the key is not the size of the treasure” – Dr Mike Murdock

30. “Never discuss your problem with someone incapable of solving it” – Dr Mike Murdock

31.”Satan’s favorite entry point into your life is always through someone close to you ” -Dr Mike Murdock

32. “The seed that leaves your hand never leaves your life. It enters your future where it multiplies” -Dr Mike Murdock

33. “When you truly value yourself, you will not sell yourself cheaply” -Dr Myles Munroe

34. “Ignore the word and suffer; honor God’s commands and grow rich” Prov13:13 (MSG)

35. ” God keeps his eye on all who live honestly; and pays special attention to his loyally committed ones”. Prov 2:8 (MSG)

36. “Giving is a proof that you have conquered greed”- Dr Mike Murdock

37. ” Every relationship nurtures a strength or a weakness within you”- Dr Mike Murdock

38. “Do not be so desperate to get married that you grab anything that comes along” – Dr Myles Munroe.

39 “Make sure the person you marry is whole. Life is too short to spend it babysitting a spouse. You want to be a wife or a husband to someone, not his or her parent.” -Dr Myles Munroe

40. “If you are not yet successful at being single- if you cannot control your emotions, your passions, your feelings, your attitudes or your behaviour – then you are not prepared for marriage.” – Dr Myles Munroe


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There Won’t be Next Semester

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You are not the only one who cares so much about this year. Chances are that you don’t even care at all. Well, there are some others who do. Crossing over into 2016 is something a lot of people wanted to be part of. The question is; Why? For  the political folks, they were anxious because it is an election year. For the scientists and those who care so much about the earth, they wanted to see if the predictions about the Global Warming is true. And you?

There won't be next semester

But for myself and all the other single, hardworking and lazy students who are graduating from college this year-2016, it is hard to contain the excitement and the disappointments the year brings. Because it is our final year and final semester in college.

There is something about the final lap that drives people crazy. Some students have bad CWA,  others haven’t grabbed yet and are still single. Others still don’t have real friends, and those who do have real friends haven’t had such a good time. On a more serious note, there are some who still haven’t given their lives to Christ. That’s deadly.

Whatever it is that you have to accomplish, just keep in mind that there won’t be next semester. Read the rest of this entry »